There is an event in another room at the Barbour Institute, is there anything that I need to know or do?

Please confine your use of the building to the room(s) you have booked and the communal areas.  Be aware that if there are people still in the Hall when you leave, you are not responsible for checking and locking the building.

An item belonging to the Barbour Institute has been broken, how should I report this?

Please notify the office as soon as possible of any breakages/ faulty equipment.  That way we can ensure that things are resolved ready for the next user.

Who is responsible for cleaning after my visit?

We have cleaners that maintain the general cleanliness of the hall.   We expect that all tables and chairs will be cleaned and floors swept if necessary. All food waste and rubbish should be removed.   If we do find that additional cleaning is required then we reserve the right to deduct the cost of this from the damage deposit.  If this is the case then the office will contact you to discuss the matter.

I have left something of mine at the Barbour Institute, what can I do?

Contact the office as soon as possible, due to Covid regulations we are currently unable to store lost property.

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